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History Always Favours The Winners

We, so tired of all the darkness in our lives

by Leyland Kirby

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mon1ka Turn this on while you're sitting at a window as close to sundown as possible, lit exclusively by an old lamp, drinking something warm.

you're welcome. Favorite track: A1 - Consolation.
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Ecliqsespilc3 Why would I not love it?
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yddragon This one album I imagine would've been like a warm blanket against the cold harsh reality of what was 2020, there to help comfort us when we felt down and at our lowest.
Like the piano, synths, and drums in this album along with the title itself, we are tired of the cruel reality grinding down on us, yet we continue forward as each song does making it to their finish lines. The future may not be any better, but at least these music pieces are around to comfort the blow.

Thank you Leyland. Favorite track: A1 - Consolation.
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It's free because I mean it and you're worth it. Give it all or nothing.

Sounds created by Leyland Kirby.
Artwork by Ivan Seal.
Audio mastered by Stephan Mathieu.

28th of September, 2017.
These days it feels like it's at an all time low for positive outcomes.

The music here is free for you to download or to pay for. It's your call. It's not free because I place no value on this work. It's free because I mean it.

It shows a slightly different side and production value to previously released works. These are the tracks I've personally revisited most in the past four or five years. They have all helped me out. I'd like to think you don't see this as throwaway work. It's been collated carefully.

Production wise I think it's more in focus and it gives some indications to early influences. It goes somewhere, it goes nowhere, there are drawn out synths, drums, piano and drift. It's about the fact that not everything need be angry, distorted or bombastic to show defiance. It's every bar stool I've sat on and am yet to sit on. It's me throwing myself down stairs again and again because I'm as sick of things as you are.

If it's not released now then this work just sits on a drive for even longer gathering digital dust which I feel is a shame. Maybe you will find some solace in the sounds if your mood is right or you need them. Maybe one track hits home, maybe more do. Hopefully it can help here and there.

I still greatly believe in the value of music and of true independent music. This is in spite of the constant devaluing of music by big business and streaming services. I'm not creating work to help push cans of energy drink or to look for cheap clicks on playlists or to get involved in scenes.

The bottom line here is if you have no coin right now then this one is on me with pleasure. If you can support the work then this is great too. It's always a lot of hard work and a dream.

I've been hard at it lately with The Caretaker work so now I afford myself a night out finally sinking the odd whisky or two down at my favourite Krakow bar, Propaganda. It's been a good while since the last time.

I'll raise the whisky glass in there for us all. You know the score.

JLK xx


released September 28, 2017


all rights reserved


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